Love Tokens Necklace - Thunderbird with Chain

Love Tokens Necklaces are adorned with Fabulous Antique Pendants, Trinkets, and Medallions that have been collected and composed through years of world travels. This Design is Born between the Hands of Artisans with Time, Touch and Meaning in each piece.  Beautiful Beads such as Fresh Water Pearls, Turquoise and Silver are added to Hand Made Chain and Leather making each Creation One-of-a-Kind.

You can wear each piece separately or layer Necklaces to reflect your individual spirit.

Each Necklace is a Unique One-of-a-Kind Custom Creation just for you, so the Pendants, Chains and Beads may vary a bit from the picture.

Please allow three weeks for the Artist to Custom Design and Build this Necklace for you.

Love Tokens Necklace - Thunderbird with Chain
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Price $420.00